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The Forts Tour

Discover the Vauban Forts and others in the region

Nature Tour

Total immersion in nature

Children's circuit

A special day for children

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Wine tour

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Tower of Forts

A day in the heart of the Charente-Maritime heritage.

Comment passer par le département de la Charente-Maritime sans passer par les nombreux forts qui s’y trouvent ?
Votre chauffeur va vous faire profiter d’une journée exceptionnelle à travers les différents forts que vous propose le département.
En famille ou entre amis, profitez de ces moments pour vous forger des souvenirs et enrichir vos connaissances et votre culture !
Esthétique, récent, ancien, grand ou petit, les forts ont tout pour plaire !
Notre circuit débute le matin avec une prise en charge à La Rochelle ou Rochefort (lieu personnalisé à partir de 5 personnes).
Pour les départs de La Rochelle, votre chauffeur fera une étape au Fort Vauban de FOURAS

Fort Lupin
Le Fort Lupin

Fort Lupin, built between 1683 and 1689, is today considered to be the most aesthetic fort in the whole Charente-Maritime department.
This fort has been classified as a historical monument since 1950.

Fort l'Île Madame
Le Fort de l’Île Madame

This fort is the most recent of all, built between 1847 and 1853.
The guided tour of the fort and its powder magazine will take you on a journey through time! Some will be thrilled by the discovery of the powder magazine by torchlight and others will be astonished by the architecture and the rich history of this fort...   

Le Fort Vauban

Fort Vauban, unlike the previous one, is the oldest of the forts in the Charente-Maritime department. It was a medieval stronghold that was transformed into a fort in the 17th century.
The architecture of this fort will transport you to another era and take you on a journey through time!

The fort was the castle of the Sires de Rochefort, who used it as a tollgate for boats entering the Charente. In the 15th century, in place of the castle, which was destroyed during the War of Religion, a 30-metre high keep was built to watch over the sea from its terrace.

Fort Enet
Le Fort Enet

Let's move on to the smallest fort on this route, and even in the department!
This fort was built between 1809 and 1811.
Fort Énet is a fortification located on the rock of the same name, between Fouras and theisland of Aix.
This fort is a historical monument since 1994.

To go further! 


1) Votre chauffeur vous proposera de faire une étape à la Citadelle de Brouage prendre un verre ou le repas si le planning le permet dans l’une des échoppes typiques des ruelles de cette cité de caratère autour du Fort Vauban de Hiers-Brouage.

2) The Charente-Maritime does not only have Fort Boyard in its monuments, but it is nevertheless part of it! Don't hesitate to take a day during your stay to get closer to the shuttles located on the port of La Rochelle to discover this famous fort!

Don't hesitate to ask about our offers to visit the islands! Indeed, the island of Aix also has its own fort, Fort Liédot, built from 1810 to 1834, which is a fort that has the particularity of being well hidden...!

Do not hesitate to ask for a personalised itinerary and/or passages in the tour.
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Nature Tower

A day in the heart of the fauna and flora of the Charente-Maritime

The Charente-Maritime department is rich in nature. Our tour dedicated to the beautiful nature will allow you to see the favourite spots of nature and environment lovers! Our tour starts in the morning, from La Rochelle centre or from your accommodation (from 5 people) towards Rochefort where you can discover :

Yves cabane
The hut of less

Made up of a mosaic of environments over 150 hectares, it is home to exceptional biodiversity. A wetland par excellence, far from any noise pollution, the site is at the same time a migratory stopover, a reproduction and feeding area for a multitude of species.
After this stop in the town of Rochefort, your driver will take you not far from there, to the commune of Yves, to discover the nature reserve.

Yves Marshes Reserve
Yves Marsh National Nature Reserve

Classified in 1981, it covers an area of 192 hectares at the end of the bay of Yves, a vast bay surrounded by marshes. Managed by the LPOit is known as an important ornithological sanctuary.
This reserve has a remarkable fauna and flora with more than 570 different species of flowers, including 40 heritage species, and more than twenty animal species.
In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to discover the wonders of the island of Oleron, with two stops designed for you.

Moëze-Oléron Nature Reserve
Moëze-Oléron National Nature Reserve

Classified in 1985 (mainland) and 1993 (public maritime domain), it occupies a surface area of 6,400 hectares and protects coastal environments, wet meadows and salt marshes.
This site sees the passage of nearly 90,000 migratory birds. The site is located between Europe and Africa and is an important passage for these birds.
The fauna and flora are developed and protected on this site. 270 animal species can be found on the site, some of which are protected.

Birds' Marsh
The Birds' Marsh

The Marais aux Oiseaux is a wildlife rescue centre and a discovery park dedicated to the animal species of theisland of Oleron.
This site will allow you to discover the ornithological wonders of the region from a 9 metre high observation platform.


Do not hesitate to ask for a personalised itinerary and/or passages in the tour.
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Children's tower

A family day out in the Charente-Maritime


The morning

A stop in nature to enjoy a beautiful environment surrounded by animals and plants.

The farm of Magné

The farm of Magné

For the pleasure of all, the farm proposes you to discover an animal park and its green space will also allow you to discover magnificent flowers and plants. A must-see for family fun

Vertigo Park

In the afternoon


More dynamic afternoon for the family with games and activities.


Parc vertigo games

The park is sure to have something for you to enjoy! If you don't like the height, no problem! The park also offers a maze, mini golf, orienteering and much more!

Do not hesitate to ask for a personalised itinerary and/or passages in the tour.
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(Evolving suggestion)

Want to enrich your knowledge?
The Charente-Maritime region offers you numerous museums in its cities!

Don't bother with transport!
Our drivers will take you to the most interesting museums in the department!
Discover the museums proposed by our drivers:

Rochefort Musée de la Marine
The National Maritime Museum :

The Musée de la Marine de Rochefort is a national museum, located in theHôtel de Cheusses in the historic heart of Rochefort.
The museum, established in the oldest civil building in the city, was built in the early xviith century.

Rochefort Museum of Commerce
Museum of old-fashioned trade :

The Musée des Commerces d'autrefois is a private museum located in the historic heart of RochefortRochefort, a town with the prestigious label of "Cities and Countries of Art and History", with an urban heritage of exceptional historical, architectural and cultural wealth.
It specialises in the exhibition and reconstruction of some twenty shops and workshops from the beginning of the 20thcentury and has the particularity of offering visitors the richest French collection of advertising objects.

Vertigo Park
In the afternoon

Nous vous proposons de découvrir le musée de Royan !
Votre chauffeur vous emmènera à Royan, ville balnéaire réputée pour ses plages !

Musée de Royan :
L’actuel musée de Royan est installé dans l’ancien marché réhabilité de Pontaillac depuis janvier 2004. Il présente l’histoire de la ville depuis l’antiquité jusqu’à la Seconde Guerre mondiale, ainsi que l’architecture des années 1950 qui a sensiblement marqué la ville de son empreinte.


Chai bottles in tasting
Ecomuseum of Cognac

The Migron Cognac Ecomuseum is a family-run winegrowing estate whose dwelling dates from 1850 and which, since its creation as an ecomuseum in 1989, has aimed to show the life of a wine farm.
Located two kilometres north of the town of Migron in a beautiful private wine estate and halfway between the major tourist centres of Saintes and Cognacthis eco-museum is an integral part of the Cognac vineyard.
An increasingly active player in Cognac wine tourism, this eco-museum is included in the prestigious Cognac discovery circuit, notably in the "Etapes du Cognac" map.

Do not hesitate to ask for a personalised itinerary and/or passages in the tour

Wine tour and tasting on the Ile de Ré

Wine tourism activities in collaboration with the Ile de Ré producers' cooperative UNIRé.

All year round we offer you the opportunity to discover the island in the company of winegrowers who will help you discover their island and their products through a variety of activities.

cycling in the vineyards
Ile de Ré & Terroir by bike

Along the way, with your local guide, visit the vineyards by bike (provided), stop at an oyster farmer's, taste the specialities of the Ile de Ré and finish with a visit to the distillery and the wine storehouses of the winegrowers' cooperative, which will give you a discount on all the boutique products if you have booked your trip through us. A snack will be offered at the end of the tour. Prices depend on the route, season and number of people, from 40 €. From April to November, depending on the weather, pre-booking required.

3 bottles in the cellar
Introduction to wine tasting workshop

This workshop starts after your day of touring with our driver. It is usually included in the grand tour. Also called "The steps of tasting" you will learn to put words to your sensations. From the secrets of wine making to the specific vocabulary, you will taste and learn to taste the products. Theoretical and sensory course. On reservation individually or to be included in the tour.