Politique de confidentialité et conditions générales



MAJESTIC SERVICES+ holds a VTC licence and a tourism licence. The transport of people for hire is regulated by decree and is the responsibility of the Ministry of Transport, Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy. Only authorised vehicles can carry out this service under the conditions of safety and guarantees provided by law.
Our professional liability insurance for transporters (compulsory) is provided by GROUPAMA

Our drivers all have a special VTC licence, which is compulsory for the transport of people and is issued by the prefecture, after a medical examination and a criminal record check.
This is an additional guarantee for your safety and that of your guests. Our compliance with the regulations protects you from any unpleasant surprises.
Any order placed with MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ implies the acceptance of the sales conditions (hereafter) which are an integral part of the transport contract signed between the company and its client.

1.1 These general terms and conditions of service are entered into between :

On one hand, SASU MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ located at 34 avenue du Cimetière 17000 LA ROCHELLE. Hereinafter referred to as (the Provider, Seller)

1.2 And on the other hand, any natural or legal person wishing to use the services of MAJESTIC SERVICES+.

Together referred to as (the Parties or Clients)

2.1 MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ is engaged in the business of operating chauffeur-driven cars.

In the context of this activity, the collection of clients on the public highway or otherwise known as "marauding" is prohibited and transport services in the context of this activity are provided by reservation only.

2.2 The service is valid only once, and if the client is not present at the meeting point, the service will be definitively lost and no refund will be given.

2.3 If the customer cannot find the driver, he/she must call MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ or VTC OUEST immediately to avoid being charged the full amount of the service.

2.4 The service will be provided on the day and at the time specified in the booking, and the drivers will be punctual, except in the event of force majeure (accident, traffic problems etc.).

2.5 In case of delay of the customer due to a delay of plane or train, the first 15 minutes are offered and then charged 0.50€ per minute. Any delay beyond this time limit will be charged.


3.1 The paying customer undertakes for himself and for the passengers for whom he has contracted to behave as a good father from the moment of pick-up, in particular by respecting the driver and the transport equipment as well as the following provisions:

3.2 Respect for the rules of the Highway Code (wearing of seat belts, closed doors, etc.),

3.3 Smoking, eating and transporting hazardous materials are prohibited. If necessary, your driver will make a stop on the way.

3.4 The luggage carried is proportional to the capacity of the vehicle, and remains the responsibility of the client. It must be declared at the time of booking. In case of excess luggage that cannot be loaded, the journey will be cancelled without the possibility of reimbursement.

3.5 MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ cannot be held responsible for damage and/or loss of luggage.

3.6 Any damage to the vehicle caused by the customer will be fully charged to the customer.

3.7 Small pets are accepted, provided that they are declared at the time of booking and in a cage or carrier bag. The non-respect of these provisions engages the exclusive responsibility of the customer and the passengers towards MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ as well as towards third parties.

3.8 MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ reserves the right to refuse to pick up, or to disembark, a passenger who does not respect these obligations, as well as an alcoholic passenger.


undertakes to transport its passengers in the shortest possible time, in optimal safety conditions.

Our company is covered by an insurance policy that covers bodily injury from the moment you get into the vehicle until you get out. GROUPAMA contract 

4.2 It is agreed that delays in transport times due to unforeseen traffic difficulties (traffic jams, accidents, diversions, weather conditions, mechanical breakdowns, various events, etc.) do not give rise to any right to compensation or reimbursement.

is not responsible for any breakage or damage to the fragile contents of passengers' luggage.

4.4 In case of immobilization of the vehicle due to a mechanical failure, an accident or other, MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ will endeavour to ensure the continuity of the route, either with one of its vehicles, or with a vehicle chartered to another company and undertakes to inform the principal.

4.5 MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the use of the Internet network such as loss of data, intrusion, virus, break in service, or other involuntary problems.

4.6 The service of hiring a private car with driver provided by the seller consists of the provision of a private car together with the services of a driver.


5.1 The vehicle made available to the customer. On board the service vehicles (cold drinks, sweets, WIFI, telephone chargers, etc.)

5.2 Professional liability insurance for the persons transported.

5.3 Insurance of persons carried for reward.

5.4 Fuel.

5.5 The salary of the qualified driver as required by the regulations.

5.6 Kilometres and time according to the start and finish estimate.

5.7 Toll charges.

5.7 The transport of the customer's luggage within the limits of the vehicle's possibilities.


6.1 The cost of parking at the drop-off location requested by the customer and, more generally, all parking locations

6.2 Entrance fees to sites (museums, theatres, castles, etc.);

6.3 Entrance fees for public places.


7.1 All services must be booked in writing, accompanied by payment of the price of the planned Service.

Once you have accepted your quote, proceed with your booking, we will send you an email with a link to our secure PayPal payment page.
Simple and convenient, you will instantly receive a confirmation of your payment, as well as a receipt to print on which will be noted the amount paid and the transaction number.

7.2 Once the quotation has been accepted, you must pay a deposit of 30% and the balance 10 days before the event. In the event of a booking less than 3 days before the event, the full amount of the quote will be required.

7.3 Bookings can be made on our dedicated website www.vtc-ouest.com, by email: info@majestic-services.fr or by telephone on 0820 690 141. It is advisable to check the final validation when booking via this website (wait for an email or a personalised sms)

7.4 Online payment will be made by credit card;

It will be made through the secure system which uses the SSL protocol "Secure Socket Layer" so that the information transmitted is encrypted by software and no third party can read it during transport on the network. Or by bank transfer if you wish for services exceeding 500 €.

7.5 At the customer's request, an invoice will be sent to the customer showing VAT.

7.6 Customers who have opened an account may pay on board, in cash or by CB via mobile terminal.

7.7 All bookings for Services must be made no later than 24 hours before the commencement of the Service.

It must be made by the Client or by a duly authorised representative.7.7 All reservations must mention the place where the Service is to be carried out, the number of passengers and luggage as well as the name and contact details of the beneficiary of the Service if this is different from those of the Client.

7.8 All reservations imply full acceptance of these terms and conditions.

7.9 The Client and the Provider undertake to comply with all the provisions of this contract.

7.10 No changes to the above terms and conditions shall be made except by prior agreement between the parties.

7.11 This contract shall be suspended or cancelled automatically and without compensation of any kind in all cases recognised as force majeure (events external to MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ such as disruption of traffic routes, bad weather, demonstrations, accidents, breakdowns or malfunctions of telecommunications networks, shortage of manpower or materials.

The contract shall only be deemed to have been concluded once it has been signed by both parties and the payment for the order has been received. Otherwise, it is automatically null and void.


8.1 Our prices include VAT and are expressed in Euros (€).

8.2 The applicable VAT rate for transfers is 10%.

8.3 The applicable VAT rate for hourly rentals is 20%.

8.4 The transfer fare applies to the direct, non-stop, non-stop journey from the place of pick-up to the place of arrival previously established in the contract.

8.5 For the provision of services, any hour started is due. Any additional kilometre to the fixed price established by the contract will be invoiced at 2 € TTC/km in metropolitan France and 4 € in other countries.

8.6 Any additional hour beyond the fixed rate established by the contract will be invoiced at 60€/hour. For trips scheduled over several days, the following fixed rates will be invoiced to the client:

8.7 Driver's meal = 25€ TTC
8.8 Driver's hotel night + breakfast = 120€ TTC


9.1 Cancellation by the Client before the pick-up time indicated in the booking form :

The amount of the service is reimbursed at 100% if the cancellation occurs more than 24 hours before the pick-up time, reimbursed at 50% if the cancellation occurs more than 8 hours before the pick-up time; 0% in other cases.

9.2 Cancellation of the reservation after the pick-up time indicated in the reservation form :

The service is considered as cancelled and due by the Customer if he has not informed MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ of his delay within 20 minutes after the pick-up time indicated in the booking form.
Beyond a 15 minutes waiting time (free of charge) at the pick-up place, 0.50 euros per minute will be charged to the customer. In the event of total absence of the client, the service will be considered as due and invoiced.

9.3 In case of immediate cancellation, i.e. before MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ sends the booking form, the service will not be invoiced.


10.1 The contractual relations between MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ and the customer are governed by French law and settled in the jurisdiction of the head office, even if the service is provided in a foreign country.

10.2 Any complaint must be made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within ten days after the execution of the service to the company MAJESTIC-SERVICES+.

11. Intellectual Property

All the elements of MAJESTIC-SERVICES+ website are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of MAJESTIC-SERVICES+. Nobody is allowed to reproduce, exploit, rebroadcast, or use for any reason whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site that they are photos, software, visual. Any simple link or hypertext link is strictly forbidden without an express written agreement of MAJESTIC-SERVICES+.

Possible charges: Damage to the vehicle, parking charges, waiting charges, travel charges, dynamic pricing, night rate, approach rate, empty return, icy or snowy road surcharge, diversions, regulation vehicle range charges, reservation charges, cancellation, postponement, pet and valet or concierge service charges, regulation charges for a new journey or request for a service of any kind.

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